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Plastic Surgery

/ˈplastik ˈsərj(ə)rē/ (n.)

Harnessing the plasticity of the human form.

Plastic Surgery

/ˈplastik ˈsərj(ə)rē/ (n.)

Harnessing the plasticity of the human form.

Pinnacle Plastic Surgery

Pinnacle Plastic Surgery is a leader in advanced cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, focused on overall patient well-being. Using evidence-based research and cutting-edge technology, Dr. Audrey A. Klenke, believes in making plastic surgery an accessible resource for more patients while putting trust and understanding first. At Pinnacle, we acknowledge and embrace that living well includes feeling good about the way you look.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Klenke is the best! I started with some non-invasive procedures with her spa staff and just recently committed to eye lid surgery. I am over-the-top excited! The results are amazing. Almost no down time and my friends are trying to figure out what I’ve done. Many compliments. I will eventually tell them what I did and who did it. Can’t keep miracles to myself.

Paula George

Dr Klenke is a beautiful person inside and out, and a top notch board certified plastic surgeon. I know many plastic surgeons in the South Carolina area and would not hesitate to recommend her. Her level of care and concern for her patients sets her apart from others. If you are looking for excellent results with compassionate care, look no further!!

Cindy McCord

They are so friendly and listen to what you want. I did not feel any pressure but when I am ready this is the place I will get all my services done.

Brenda Tatarelli

” I have had 2 procedures with Dr. Klenke and I have nothing but praise. Scars with both procedures are virtually non-existent. Of course medically, both surgeries were highly successful.”

Victor Hall
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