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The Best of the Breast: Benefits of Breast Reduction

Written by Dr. Audrey Klenke, MD, FACS

Overly large breasts are a problem for many women. It’s important for a woman to feel comfortable in her own skin, but that can be difficult when cumbersome breasts keep you from doing some of your favorite things. Breast reduction is one of the most gratifying plastic surgery procedures. It can relieve some of the pain associated with large breasts and help you live life to the fullest without feeling so… well, full-chested.

Breast reduction surgery offers many benefits, both physical and psychological. From an aesthetic standpoint, a breast reduction can give you smaller, lighter, perkier breasts. Additionally, a study published in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery found this procedure can also help improve a variety of other areas, including headaches, breathing and sleeping difficulties, and musculoskeletal pain. But that’s not all. Research also shows that a breast reduction can lead to reduced depression and anxiety, as well as improved self-esteem!

Breast reduction surgery can make you more comfortable and allow you to take part in physical activities, such as sports and exercise, often made burdensome by overly large breasts. If your bra straps are leaving painful marks or you feel self-conscious in certain types of clothing, it may be time to schedule a consultation and learn more about the benefits of breast reduction surgery.

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