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Brow Lift FAQs – See Better, Look Better, Feel Better

Beyond the margins of mirrors, we may not spend a lot of time thinking about our brows or foreheads. The facial region isn’t home to any vital organs and isn’t generally prone to diseases or cosmetic afflictions more serious than wrinkles (though wrinkles can be damaging enough). At best, we may apply some hydrating serums or wrinkle-preventing creams, but typically, the brow isn’t an area of high concern. 

So, why does a procedure called a “brow lift” exist in the first place? What does it treat, how does it help, and who’s a good candidate?

Brow Lift FAQs – Answering Your Questions

At Pinnacle Plastic Surgery in Beaufort, SC, we believe in empowerment through education. Knowledge is one of the most common barriers for those of us with pesky cosmetic or medical conditions. We may not even know that a procedure exists to solve the exact problems we’re dealing with.

What does a brow lift do?

Brow lifts use surgical methods to remove excess, sagging skin from the brows and forehead so that the tissue assumes a more natural and strain-free position on the face. Reasons for seeking a brow lift may include medical conditions such as brow ptosis (an age-related sagging of the brow) or cosmetic concerns (such as deep forehead wrinkles or worry lines).

What is brow ptosis?

The term “ptosis” is used to describe drooping in and around the eyelid area—a symptom of several conditions ranging from simple aging to nerve damage. Brow ptosis occurs when the eyelids or eyebrows droop in such a way that they “hood” the eyes. Far from just a cosmetic concern, brow ptosis can limit your field of vision and is even known to cause headaches and discomfort from brow fatigue.

What is brow fatigue?

Brow fatigue is one of the more common symptoms of brow ptosis and one of the many reasons patients seek out brow lift surgeries. Brow fatigue may cause you to feel tired, even if you’re well rested, or make keeping your eyes open difficult.

As we age, gravity and skin laxity (looseness) contribute to drooping tissue around the eyes, brows, and forehead. To support this weight and alleviate symptoms, patients may strain their forehead muscles more than usual, leading to tension headaches and brow fatigue. 

Is a brow lift part of a facelift?

Brow lifts and facelifts are two distinct procedures that can be performed separately or together. While a facelift deals primarily with skin below the brow, brow lifts concentrate on the forehead from the brow up. When performed together, brow lifts and facelifts multiply their ultimate results, producing a younger appearance across the face.

Can brow lifts help with forehead wrinkles?

Absolutely! Brow lifts can be performed for medical and cosmetic reasons. As a cosmetic procedure, brow lifts are sometimes called “forehead rejuvenation” or even “forehead lifts.” Brow lifts remove excess skin which, in turn, stops existing frown lines or worry lines from deepening. By removing tissue and tightening the skin, patients generally appear younger and more restful.

Do brow lifts leave scars?

Brow lift patients may experience mild or temporary scarring, but in the hands of a practiced plastic surgeon, most scars either fade or stay concealed behind the hairline. When possible, incisions are made where they won’t be seen—under the hairline or along the natural contours of the face. Temporary scarring may dissipate as the healing process concludes.

What is recovery time like after a brow lift?

Brow lift candidates should be prepared for a two-week healing process. After the two-week mark, patients can generally assume their normal daily lives and activities. To preserve your results, sutures or clips may be used to keep the healing skin in optimal position. Your surgeon will touch base with you when sutures can be removed.

Are You a Good Candidate for Brow Lift Surgery?

As a common, safe, and effective solution for those suffering medical conditions or cosmetic imperfections, brow lifts are as versatile as the foreheads they treat. For comfort, better vision, or facial rejuvenation, brow lifts can tackle a wide range of issues with just a quick, simple procedure.

To discover if you’re an ideal candidate for brow lift surgery or blepharoplasty (also called eyelid surgery) contact Pinnacle Plastic Surgery in Beaufort, SC, today!

Brow Lifts for Cosmetic Concerns & Medical Conditions Alike!

As both a corrective and cosmetic surgical procedure, brow lifts can help you lead a more comfortable, able, and fulfilling life. You don’t have to choose between more serious surgical interventions and your full range of eyesight. Pinnacle Plastic Surgery can quickly and comfortably correct whatever’s holding you back in life. To learn more about brow lifts, call us at 843-815-6699 today or schedule a consultation online!

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