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Gender Affirming

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Understanding Gender Affirming Surgery

Gender confirmation surgeries are performed by Dr. Audrey Klenke, who believes in making plastic surgery an accessible resource for more patients while putting trust and understanding first. With gender-affirming surgeries, transgender individuals can achieve the physical appearance and functional abilities of the gender to which they identify.

At Pinnacle Plastic Surgery, we offer compassionate trans-feminine and trans-masculine procedures for the face and chest and skin care treatments to help with acne flare-ups that may result from hormone therapies. Every individual has a unique physique, so our skilled surgical team will work with you to tailor your surgical plan to achieve your desired results.

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Gender Affirmation

Trans-feminine (Male to Female) Surgeries & Treatments

Facial Feminization

Reduces the size of the Adam’s apple in trans women. During this procedure, the surgeon shaves down the thyroid cartilage through a small incision in the crease under the chin. The scar is well hidden, and the procedure has no impact on the patient’s voice.

With a brow softening procedure, the ridge of the bone surrounding the upper eye sockets is shaved down, the brow is lifted, and the shape of the forehead is recontoured by shaving and surgically altering the bones for a more feminine aesthetic appearance.

With nose reshaping, the cartilage of the nose and surrounding tissue is shaped to have smaller, more feminine features.

Implants are used to create rounder, softer, and more prominent cheek features.

Lip lifts and lip implants create fuller, softer lips for a more feminine appearance.

Breast Augmentation

Hormone treatments are often used to enhance the breasts for patients transitioning from male to female. Some patients prefer a larger breast size and will undergo breast augmentation. Breast augmentation uses silicon or saline devices that are surgically implanted under the skin. 

Other trans-feminine procedures available
  • Laser hair removal
  • Permanent makeup
  • Acne Hydrafacial with blue light therapy
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Gender Affirmation

Trans-Masculine (Female to Male) Surgeries and Treatments

Facial Masculinization

For this procedure, the surgeon will lengthen the forehead by making it larger and more angular for a more masculine appearance. The surgical incision can be made within the hairline to avoid visible scarring.

The surgeon places implants between the bone and the skin to create a more chiseled and masculine shape. Cheek augmentation leaves no visible scars as the surgical incision is made inside the mouth.

With a trans-masculine rhinoplasty, the goal is to create a larger and/or wider nose.

With chin recontouring, the size of the chin is increased for a more angular appearance. During this procedure, the bone is moved, or implants are used to create a more masculine aesthetic. Jaw contouring involves the widening of the face, providing definition between the lower face and neck.

With thyroid cartilage enhancement, the surgeon places an implant in the throat area.

Female to Male Top Surgery

This surgery involves the removal of female breast tissue through a bilateral mastectomy and contouring the chest to achieve a more masculine shape. 

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Health Requirements for Gender Affirming Surgery

People who are in good health and are currently at a healthy body weight are good candidates for gender-affirming surgery. It’s also crucial for prospective patients to have realistic expectations for their surgery results. Honesty about your medical history, goals, and any concerns you have is vital so we can make an informed and realistic assessment about what procedures may be best for you.

Learn More About Gender Affirmation at Pinnacle Plastic Surgery

Pinnacle Plastic Surgery is the community leader in advanced cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, using evidence-based research and cutting-edge technology. Dr. Klenke is dedicated to you and take pride in helping you achieve your best results. At Pinnacle, we provide detailed consultations allowing us to understand each patient’s motivations and desired outcomes. Our goal is to customize treatment for each individual. Our team will evaluate your health and determine which surgical procedures are most suitable for you based on your body and desired outcomes to create your personalized surgical plan.

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