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Spotlight on Chest Reduction Surgery – Solving Male Breasts

For many, a flat, chiseled chest is as much a symbol of masculinity as breasts are a symbol of femininity. Broad shoulders and a wide, powerful chest are classic symbols of male strength that persist in the public consciousness today. But as we age, men can often develop unwanted breasts—deposits of stubborn fatty tissues misdirected for storage along the chest. 

At Pinnacle Plastic Surgery in Bluffton and Beaufort, SC, we believe that living well includes feeling great about the way you look. We’ve seen firsthand how male breasts harm self-image. The sudden development of male breasts not only compromises confidence, but poses challenges to daily function and comfort as well. 

To restore pride, happiness, and a masculine sense of self, our compassionate team of professionals offer male chest reduction surgery.

What Causes Male Breasts?

The development of male breasts—or gynecomastia—can be caused by numerous issues, including hormone imbalances, certain medications, health conditions, and even substance abuse.

Some common causes of male breast development include: 

  • Age-related hormone imbalances
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Hypergonadism
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver failure
  • Malnutrition
  • Substance abuse (street drugs, alcohol)

Identifying and treating the underlying cause will reduce the likelihood of breast development in the future, but for taking care of unwanted male breasts now, there’s male chest reduction surgery.

How Chest Reduction Works

Male chest reduction surgery relies on the same time-tested technology used in general liposuction procedures. What differentiates the procedure, however, is an attention to glandular tissue and remaining, saggy skin. While diet and exercise may improve the appearance and presence of male breasts, excess skin and stubborn fatty tissues often remain.

Before the procedure, a local or general anesthesia is applied. An incision is made along the natural contours of the nipple to reduce or eliminate any chance of evident scarring. Once the fat has been removed, your surgeon may recommend removing the excess skin caused by breast development. 

After the procedure, you’ll be given a chest compression garment to wear for a few weeks. This compress aims to reduce swelling and promote healing. Light or strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least 3 weeks following the surgery, though your surgeon will provide you with more detailed instructions for the smallest possible recovery period. 

Candidates for Chest Reduction

Men in good health who have noticed the development of breasts are candidates for male chest reduction surgery. Chest reduction surgery is most successful for men at a reasonably healthy weight (within sight of your ideal weight) who abstain from excessive alcohol/cannabis consumption. Most importantly, if you’ve tried other methods to reduce the appearance of your breasts without success, it may be time to seriously consider chest reduction surgery.

Back to Being You

By addressing the causes of male breast development and removing the excess tissue and skin through chest reduction surgery, you can get back to feeling like your full self in under a month. At Pinnacle Plastic Surgery in Bluffton and Beaufort, SC, we understand how much of your masculine identity resides in your chest. Dr. Klenke and her team will recommend a process that’s right for you so that you get back to living your life confidently, happily, and completely.

Achieve a flatter chest in under a month.

Male chest reduction surgeries can restore your sense of self, improve overall comfort, and dramatically increase confidence. Through a safe, time-tested approach to fat and skin removal, male chest reduction surgery procedures create a lasting difference and spectacular results in as few as 3 weeks after the surgery. For more information, or to find out if you’re an ideal candidate, contact us or call at (843) 524-5550.

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