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Thigh Lift

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What is a thigh lift?

A thigh lift discards the excess skin and boosts the remaining skin to create a smooth inner leg silhouette and a more attractive leg. Many patients with loose skin around their inner thighs can often feel very self-conscious about their appearance. With aging comes drooping skin, softening of muscle tone, and depletion of fat volume. 

Diet and exercise usually have minimal influence on these physical features. Only surgical influence can create the youthful physique most patients are searching for. A thigh lift grants a way to tighten loose skin and enhance the appearance of thighs.

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Benefits of a Thigh Lift
  • Improvement in bodily proportions
  • More youthful aesthetic
  • Improved fit in clothing
  • Sustainable results
  • Self-confidence improvement
  • Reduction of excess skin and fat
  • A comprehensive and more defined appearance
Who's Eligible?

Thigh Lift Candidates

Good candidates for thigh lifts are individuals with excess soft tissue along the inner and/or the outer thigh region who are in good general health.

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Questions and Answers

Thigh Lift FAQ

Thigh lift surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia and typically takes around three to four hours to complete.

A universal technique used for a thigh lift places incisions in the groin, spanning downward wrapping around the back of the thigh. The concealed tissue will be reshaped and tightened, and skin will be decreased and re-draped, producing more proportionate and smoother body contours.

You may be authorized for a minimal invasive medial thigh lift which involves an incision only in the groin area. Developing the contours of the outer thigh may call for an incision extending from the groin around the hip. Your surgeon will tighten the area for an effortless, better-toned lower body silhouette.

Bruising and swelling are to be anticipated but will disappear over time. You could be required to wear a compression garment for multiple weeks preceding your thigh lift to minimize swelling and support healing tissues.

The smoother contour will be clear almost immediately but it can take several months to see the full results of the procedure.

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In your initial consultation, Dr. Klenke will evaluate your overall health, and help define which surgical procedures are most suitable for you. At Pinnacle, we provide detailed consultations, allowing us to understand each patient’s motivation and desired outcomes. We are here to help you meet your body goals!

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