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Hand Surgery

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Understanding Hand Surgery

Hand surgery can treat multiple common hand conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, ganglion or mucous cyst, and Dupuytren’s contracture. If one or both of your hands are impaired, surgery may improve your condition. Hand surgery can also address issues stemming from injuries to the tendons, nerves, blood vessels, joints, fractured bones, burns, cuts, and other injuries to the skin.

Our surgeons have undergone intensive training in hand surgery and can treat patients with a wide range of hand problems to improve functionality, quality of life, and confidence.

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Benefits of Hand Surgery

  • Restore function and mobility to fingers
  • Minimize pain from trauma
  • Treat Trigger Finger
  • Address injuries to tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and joints
  • Treat carpal tunnel syndrome
Who's Eligible?

Hand Surgery Candidates

Hand surgery can be necessary to address any trauma or injury to the hand, fingers, tendons, nerves, or skin of the hand. Additionally, hand surgery can be advised for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, cysts, trigger fingers, and more.

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Questions and Answers

Hand Surgery FAQs

Hand surgery is performed under anesthesia, so the procedure itself is completely painless. It is, however, common to experience some post-surgery pain. Your doctor will help you plan a postoperative pain management solution which could include medications and physical therapy.

Modern techniques, like endoscopic carpal tunnel release, have greatly improved the ability to restore hand function while minimizing pain and post-surgery downtime.

After surgery, bandages or dressing may be applied to keep the surgical site clean. Additionally, splints may be used if your surgeon deems it necessary.

As with other surgeries, it is important to follow all postoperative instructions to optimize results including site cleansing, taking prescribed medications, and hand exercises. Dr. Klenke and her team will decide if hand therapy may benefit you by helping restore strength, flexibility, and sensation.

The amount of time it takes to recover from hand surgery varies from patient to patient. Your surgeon will discuss the specific recovery time associated with your hand surgery and recommend an aftercare regime.

Interested in hand surgery?

Dr. Klenke is dedicated to you and take pride in helping you achieve your best results. At Pinnacle, we provide detailed consultations allowing us to understand each patient’s motivation and desired outcomes. Our goal is to customize a treatment plan specifically for each individual. During your initial consultation, our team will review your information, perform an examination, and discuss which procedures are most suitable for you to create a personalized surgical plan. We are here to help you achieve your goals and we look forward to meeting you!

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