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Breast Procedures at Pinnacle Plastic Surgery

Breast Enhacement Surgery in Bluffton & Beaufort, SC

Need a change? At Pinnacle Plastic Surgery, it’s our goal to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the process and outcome of your procedure. Whether you’re looking for breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, or a breast implant exchange we work with you to ensure your goals are met with thoughtful consideration. Get your confidence and comfort back by allowing our team of experienced professionals to get you the results you are looking for.

Contact Pinnacle Plastic Surgery online or at 843-524-5550 for our Beaufort location or 843-815-6699 for our Bluffton location to schedule your consultation today.

Breast Procedure Treatments

Breast Augmentation

Boost your confidence with augmentation mammoplasty (breast augmentation) by enhancing the appearance and volume of your breasts. This common cosmetic surgical procedure improves the shape and size of your breasts through the use of breast implants or your own fat. New techniques for implant insertion have been developed to help lower the risk of complications while allowing patients to heal faster. Read more about breast augmentation now.

Breast Lift

If you are happy with the size of your breasts but don’t enjoy how they sag, then a breast lift is perfect for you. This procedure is perfect for recreating shapely, youthful breasts while not changing your cup size. Our team of professionals repositions breast tissue while tightening the breast skin to reshape and support the new breast contour. Click to learn more about breast lifts.

Breast Implant Exchange

At Pinnacle Plastic Surgery, we understand that sometimes your current breast size no longer fits your lifestyle or that you want to change your implant size. Our team is prepared to help you find the best fit that you desire. Whether you want to remove your implants, change implant size, or implant type, we are here for you. Learn more about what breast implant exchange options are available for you.

Breast Reduction

Whether you are experiencing pain and discomfort or feeling self-conscious about your breast size, breast reduction can help. By removing excess skin and glandular tissue, elevating the breast, and repositioning the nipple higher, we can help you reach your desired cup size. Our goal of reduction mammoplasty is to make the breast proportionate with your body and to alleviate the discomfort associated with overly large breasts. Click to read more about breast reduction at Pinnacle Plastic Surgery.

Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Klenke, a Board Certified plastic surgeon, understands that the journey to breast reconstruction is different for each woman. With guidance, Dr. Klenke and her team will assist you through every step of the breast reconstruction process. In some cases, patients can have breast reconstruction immediately after breast removal. Whether you decide to wait for breast reconstruction or not, our team utilizes new medical techniques to help you achieve breasts that come close in form and appearance to match a natural breast. Read more about breast reconstruction.

Contact Pinnacle Plastic Surgery to Schedule a Consult with Our Board-Certified Surgeons

If you are ready to undergo a breast procedure or still have questions before committing, contact our professionals either online or at 843-524-5550 for our Beaufort Office or at 843-815-6699 for our Bluffton office. Dr. Klenke and is dedicated to helping you meet your body goals and achieve your best results.

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