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Mommy Makeover After Her Son Goes Back To School.

Back to School: The Ideal Time for a Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeovers & Back to School

As children return to school, moms have a little more me-time on their hands than usual. Why not use this extra time for some much-deserved self-care?


Many women find that after pregnancy, their bodies have changed. A mommy makeover can restore your body’s previous shape and enhance your appearance. A mommy makeover can be completely customized for your goals, but many moms choose to enhance the breasts, abdomen, waist, and buttocks.


Many procedures of a mommy makeover can be completed all at once, for full body rejuvenation. Here are the top procedures for moms in need of a restorative procedure while the kids are busy at school.


Breast Augmentation


Boost your confidence and get your pre-mommy body back, or better, with a breast augmentation. A breast augmentation can enhance the appearance and restore breast volume after pregnancy. The augmentation is performed under general anesthesia while a doctor will insert and place a breast implant. Each patient’s procedure will be unique, but many patients see results of breast augmentation early in the healing process, making it a great option for busy moms. 

Breast Lift


Breast lifts are a great option for moms who don’t want to go up in cup size, but want to tighten and lift their breasts for a more youthful look. A breast lift can restore firmness, lift the breast, and restore the natural position of the nipple. There are many different techniques to lift the breasts during surgery for a natural, effortless look. If you are interested in increasing your cup size at the same time, our doctors at Pinnacle Plastic Surgery can perform a breast augmentation and a breast lift simultaneously. 


Brazilian Butt Lift


If you’re looking for perfectly round and firm buttocks, a Brazilian butt lift can do just that. This procedure removes fat from one or more areas of the body through a specialized liposuction approach. The fat removed from another part of your body will be placed into the buttocks to sculpt and shape the area. By using the body’s own fat, you reduce the possibility of infection compared to traditional butt implants, reducing recovery time and getting you back to your regular, Super-Mom duties. Depending on your preference, the results of a Brazilian butt lift can be very natural-looking or dramatic. 


Tummy Tuck


Many women encounter excess sagging tummy skin as a result of pregnancy. A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure designed to remove this excess skin and boost your self-confidence. If your abdominal muscles were affected during childbirth or pregnancy, a tummy tuck can repair those stretched muscles. During your tummy tuck, the surgeon will extract the extra midsection skin and fat below the belly button and then suture the skin together after removal. Tummy tucks not only remove excess skin but also strengthen your abdominal wall as well for a firmer, tighter waistline




Liposuction removes fat and leaves behind a renewed, chiseled appearance. Its long-lasting results and prompt recovery time make it a great option for moms. Popular target areas include under the chin or submental area, chest, abdomen, flanks (or “love handles”), and the lower back. The fat from the chosen area is removed in the safest and most effective way. Liposuction is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and exercise but can contour the stubborn body fat left behind after pregnancy. 


Other Options for Your Mommy Makeover


The great thing about mommy makeovers is that your surgical plan will be completely customized for your dream body! Some other common procedures for a mommy makeover include a thigh lift, arm lift, and fat grafting. Each of these procedures are different, but can all result in toned, firm skin in the treated area. Our team at Pinnacle Plastic Surgery can help you decide what procedures you want to include in your mommy makeover, and work with you to build a customized plan to get you great results. 

Mommy Makeover at Pinnacle Plastic Surgery


Boost your confidence and ease physical discomfort with a mommy makeover at Pinnacle Plastics. With decades of experience, our surgeons are knowledgeable and provide quality care. Call us at 843-815-6699 or schedule a consultation online to learn more about a mommy makeover!


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